“A collection of music NFT from various artists or musicians on Cardano”.    


Following the development of the digital world, especially blockchain technology, we realized that the opportunities are very much wide open for us to start our project.

Demajors as an indie music distributor company from Indonesia that oversees domestic and international indie musicians along the way sees that NFT music is a new digital format for musicians to channel their creativity in addition to CD, vinyl and streaming-based music. Therefore Demajors realizes how important it is for us to use and adopt blockchain technology. We hope in the future that using NFT and blockchain technology can certainly provide a richer life and financial benefits to all parties, especially for indie musicians and our fan base.

With this in mind, it is also very important for us to choose and determine which blockchain platform is the best so that this project can be implemented, realized and sustainable in the future. After much comparison and consideration, we finally chose the Cardano blockchain for the Demajors NFT project.

The main reason why we believe in Cardano apart from the community itself which is very supportive to each other, Cardano has a spirit of vision and mission that is in line with Demajors and we also believe that Cardano's technology will make it easier for us in the process of creating this NFT project.

The concept of our NFT will be the work of local musicians who will release their work in the form of NFT containing both visual and audio or any format as well as other utilities and benefits that can be offered through the NFT because we are very aware that creativity has no limits.   


What is Demajors NFT

Demajors NFT are a collection of NFT with various artists or musicians who want to release their work in the form of NFT containing both visual and audio or any format as well because we are very aware that creativity has no limit. And also the NFT will have other utilities and benefits for musicians and NFT holders.

How to Buy ADA

You can buy ADA on any available exchanges. 

How to create Wallet?

You can create any Cardano Wallet like Eternl Wallet and Nami Wallet.

How to Mint

You have to send an amount of ADA from the exchange to Cardano Wallet first and then send the right amount of ADA from your Cardano Wallet to the mint address that we announce. 


to be confirmed


Our NFT supply varies, depending on each musician. 

Policy ID

PolicyID : 81dc5105bcc8bc575362ce1908c8257f3b8c5b14667b93ee0d5b2029