Personil: Tomy Suckers = Gitar + Vox, Denny Gonjeng = Bass + Back Vox, Qolby Barker = Drum

Sejak: 2008-08-17

Dari: Jakarta Timur,


Berawal dari bocah Sekolah yg main di acara agustusan, lalu terbentuklah 3 pemuda yg mempunyai pemikiran dan selera yg sama terutama dalam hal musik. Musik BOMBER-X terbentuk berdasarkan realita kehidupan sosial yg ada. Saat ini kami sedang mengumpulkan m




Emotional Songs

175 Presto 4/4 

Emotional Songs



I don't need a soft song...

I need just a song that rock n roll

Cheerleading songs heart and soul

For the soul of souls that we’re lost and die



This lonely heart

Would be evidence of a witness sign

That the life we live

Is a life full of obstacles and hateful



Welcome the encouraging atmosphere of my soul

You and I are waiting

I yearn that you

This song will be a living witness to our death

To destroy the false and to prove the contents of the real truth



We want peace and your self

To danced and sing along with me

Enjoy this music

Is filled with anger and emotion


Back to the reef


Why love songs are always highlighted

Why was the song loudly removed

We here

To prove

That songs cool hard to enjoy



Bridge **

Dream and keep dreaming

Is the key to eternal life

I share all the sadness and take it away


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