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Iamgreedy is an Indonesian rapper based in Yogyakarta, Java Island. Iamgreedy consistently writes about what has always been his concern in each of his songs. The most prominent themes in his writings are love, desire, and pride. He plans and writes his o

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iamgreedyy/

URL : https://linkr.bio/iamgreedy696

URL : https://open.spotify.com/artist/7hY6yU9V1rQCQ33uDnfQaf?si=UC1cNmRDTO2jDkhezCRYCA

The Light

    "The Light" is a song inspired by my biggest fear, darkness. The darkness here does not mean a place without light but also the condition of not being seen or accepted by anyone. But the greatest thing about this song happened when I wrote the first verse. After thinking for days about a catchy and picturesque chorus, I just realized that everything I've done is always because of God. This is why I changed my whole perspective from being afraid of not being seen or accepted by people to not being seen or accepted by God.
    What makes this song special for me is that this is my first song talking about God, and that is also why I want this song to be submitted to the Demajors. I want people to seek after God and understand that we cannot do anything without Him, no matter which God they believe in. I want to encourage people to think about the most important thing in our lives as humans: our Creator. From this song, I also want people to understand that no matter what we have done or how big we think our sins are, God still loves us.


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